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List Your Pre-Sale Assignment with us

Selling a Pre-sale assignment can be difficult for individual Owners. Pre-sale contracts can be very restrictive on advertising and many do not allow assignment sales to be listed on the MLS system. Working with Pre-Sale Industry leaders like Stella Price and Associates your assignment gains access to large data bases of Prime Pre-Sale clients along with their Experience and Leadership in the Pre-sale market.

If you have been considering selling your Pre-sale assignment please fill out the information form and I will review, access and respond with details on maximizing your (ROI) Return on Investment.

If you or people you know are looking for more Pre-sale opportunities please leave your contact information we have Exclusive upcoming Pre-sale launches for Premium Condo and Townhome projects.

“This Invitation for New Clients and is not meant as a Solicitation for Clients already Working with a Realtor, as required by our “Realtor Code of Ethics” I will only work with clients as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.”

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As of June 15, 2018 the Rules of Disclosure in British Columbia have changed… We as Realtors are now required to provide you with a number of Options for Agency before we discuss any information or provide any advice regarding Real Estate starting with “ Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties” Unrepresented in a Real Estate Transaction? Know the Risks. SEE the New Rules in the New Disclosure Document Section.