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Richard Bishop…

Finding and purchasing the right home in today’s competitive Real Estate market can be a difficult venture, “Opportunity always favours the Prepared Buyer” and being prepared is a key factor for you to be successful.

Not all Realtors are created equal… Dedication, Market Knowledge, Work Ethic and being able to listen and learn so we can successfully achieve all of the Clients individual needs, it can be a challenging and time sensitive investment.
Here are a few examples of client circumstances in today’s market:

1) You might be downsizing but want to find your new home 1st, I have a strategy for that.
2) You might want to buy a pre-sale or assignment for investment or for downsizing in the future, I have a strategy for that.
3) You might not know the best way to structure your finances for success, I have a strategy for that.
Whatever you need to achieve your vision together we will set up a strategy to get it done.
Your investment in this process is a commitment to work with me in an open and honest environment so I know exactly what you want and what I need to get you.

As a Hands on REALTOR® I am there for you every step of the way to the
Home that works for you. To maintain a High Performance level and Quality
Service I work with a limited amount of Clients at the same time so you will
know I value and respect your time and I am committed to achieving your
Real Estate objectives.

If you are considering purchasing a Pre-Sale Condo or Townhouse or possibly an Assignment Sale in a Development or an area you missed out on.

CALL Richard Bishop Today @ 778-888-7424.

“This Invitation for New Clients and is not meant as a Solicitation for Clients already Working with a Realtor, as required by our “Realtor Code of Ethics” I will only work with clients as an Exclusive Buyers Agent.”

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